Bi-Polar Ionizer

Bipolar Ionizer – AES Bipolar Ionization technology brings the natural environment indoors with a high concentration of negative and positive ions, purifying the air and replicating nature’s purification model. This active air purification technology stands in stark contrast, differing by 180 degrees from traditional air purification systems.

AES bipolar ionizers are meticulously designed with the same goal in mind – to mimic the outdoors by creating an optimal ion concentration within indoor spaces.

Do you recall the lightness in the air you experience when visiting mountains, forests, or after a refreshing rain? This sensation is a result of the high concentration of negative and positive ions, along with their delicate balance. However, in urban environments and centralized air-conditioned buildings, this ion concentration diminishes, leaving us with a dense feeling while breathing.

Key Benefits:
– 99% Sterilization Rate
– 97% Odor Removal
– 97% VOC Decomposition
– 99% Microorganism Removal
– UL867 & UL2998 Certified (ZERO OZONE EMISSION)

Our technology is suitable for all HVAC systems, including Hi-wall/Split AC, Cassette AC, Window AC, Ductables, AHUs, and FCUs. Bring the freshness of the outdoors indoors with AES Bipolar Ionization.

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