NANO Filters

Nano Fiber Media Filters- We, people, spend more than 90% of our time at home, so Indoor Air Quality means a lot for our health and family.

AES gives a unique solution that will provide a continuous and reliable source of clean air. 

The nanofiber membrane creates a mechanical barrier that prevents the penetration of dangerous particles without using any dangerous chemical substances. 

Aerosphere NANO Filter protects you from- Smog, Dust, Pollen particles, and Exhaust fumes.
Filtration efficiency: 1.0 µm particles – 69.4%
Filtration efficiency: 2.5 µm particles – 92.5%
Filtration efficiency: 5.0 µm particles – 99.5%
Convert Your Existing Machine into Air Purifier
Suitable for AHUs, FCUs, Cassette AC, Split AC/ Hi-wall.

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