ANOB – Advanced Nano Odor Buster

ANOB – ADVANCED NANO ODOR BUSTER with Plasm-Ion is easily mounted onto wall of critical areas like Washrooms, Pet Houses, Veterinary, Hen Farms/Poultry farms, Fish Shops, Etc.

Aerosphere’s Standalone Odor-Buster air purifier is a new generation system used to reduce odors, smoke, and a broad spectrum of indoor air contaminants.

Advanced Nano Odor Buster consists of hydroperoxides, superoxide ions, and safe low-level ozone – all friendly oxidizers that revert back to oxygen and hydrogen after the oxidation of pollution.

It also comes with a Non-Thermal Plasm-Ion cluster of Nano Ions with dual polarity that produces Positive and Negative Ions in the environment. When molecules in the air pass through the plasma field created by Plasm-Ion Ionization and result in the breaking apart of the molecules into individual atoms.

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